How to fall in love and conquer a woman


In today’s article, we are going to talk about a topic that interests most men, and that is how to make a woman fall in love. It is not something simple, but we have some keys that are surely surprising and that, in all likelihood, will be very useful.Although every woman is a world, the truth is that there are some elements that are common to all of them (whether di icult, married, single or older). If you follow these steps, you will most likely get that woman interested in you in record time. How to make a woman fall in love: Step by step 

The first thing you should do when communicating with her on WhatsApp is to know her routine: what she works for, what work hours she has, what time she gets up and what time she goes to sleep. 

woman fall in love

This is much more useful than at first you can believe and it is very important that when you communicate on WhatsApp to conquer that woman do not bother her, because if you send her a message when she is falling asleep, far away to conquer it you will get angry with you, and according to its character, it could even block you. WhatsApp Status feature allows you to share your animated, videos, text and photosGIFs that automatically disappear after 24 hours. In order to send and receive Best WhatApp romantic status updates to your loving one’s choose anybody from your contacts. 

Step 1: Let him know that you exist 

The first step to falling in love with a woman is, of course, that she knows you exist. This is sometimes not necessary, because she already knows you and has proof that you live nearby (or, even, you may be part of the same group of friends). However, on most occasions, we will want to seduce a woman with whom we have never spoken. 

That waitress in the cafeteria, the clerk in the clothing store, or the cashier at the supermarket may have caught our attention … But they see dozens of people every day ! You have to be able to make him see that you exist, that you are not one more person . This is relatively simple, although it will depend on each situation. For example, if our goal is the waitress, we could give you a few seconds conversation with a joke. 

Let him know that you exist

It’s something really basic and simple, but most people just ask for coffee and say thank you when they bring it. If you give her a conversation of a few seconds or a few minutes (so as not to steal too much time, since she is working), she will change the chip and she will surely remember you. That’s what we mean by knowing that you exist. 

Step 2: Don’t pay too much attention 

After that, following the waitress’s example, you should keep going to the cafeteria more or less regularly. But, at this point, a er, for a few days, you have given small conversations, you have to start not paying much attention. She, in all likelihood, will have already begun to notice you, if only for the novelty and because you behave differently from others. 

From this moment, you should indicate your interest in it in a subtle way (with some compliment, for example), but, at the same time, stop paying so much attention . For example, going to the cafeteria and being “working” with the Tablet on the table, so that day you do not give conversation when you bring co ee. It is about her having the double feeling of knowing that you are interested in her, but that she gets the impression that you can be without her, raising her doubts. 

Step 3: Leave space 

Another important element is not to be heavy . Obviously, going to have a coffee every morning can be normal, but going to have five coffees a day at the same cafeteria and only during the hours she is serving the tables makes you look like a stalker. How to make a woman fall in love In fact, occasionally, you should not go to the cafeteria. You will notice how the next day she asks you about your absence. You are already awakening some interest, and that is positive. Remember, being heavy does not help to make a woman fall in love. 

Step 4: Involve her emotionally 

Emotionally involving a person is an art. There are many books dedicated in this regard, not only in terms of seduction, but also in marketing, leadership, politics, … In short, it is that the other person shares our feeling. Thus, if it is you who wants to fall in love with that girl, emotionally involving her does not only mean that she is open to you, but that she wants to fall in love with you too. Share your feeling. 

Involve her emotionally

It is not easy, but with the aforementioned elements of becoming distracted, letting you see that you are interested but not giving it too much importance, not having an obsession with it, etc. She will begin to feel an interest in you. 

Step 5: make it difficult

With the passing of the days, you will realize how she is the one who starts to give you conversation when she brings you co ee, when it comes to paying, and every time, during the conversations, she will be more interested in personal aspects. It is time to make it difficult. Making it difficult means that you don’t give it your all as soon as you ask. You have to be calmer, not seem desperate. For example, if you make comments like “I went to an art exhibition, you should go with your partner”, what he is trying to do is get information about whether you are single or not. Making it difficult implies being subtle, and, in that particular case, not answering.

That is, instead of focusing on the “you should go with your partner” part, focus on the “I went to an art exhibition” part. Instead of answering about whether or not you have a partner, you answer that you love art, which artist exhibited that day. Making it difficult keeps your interest alive. 

Step 6: Don’t stop giving candy 

But making it too difficult can become counterproductive. You should not stop giving candy to make her feel that she is going forward. As you may have noticed, at this point, your seduction process has been reversed … It is she who wants to seduce you! How to seduce a woman That means you can’t leave the doors closed, but it has to do with opportunities . 

It is the best time to indicate that you do not have a partner, in a subtle way, that you have many things in common, that you love going to that cafe to talk with her, etc. Not all of a sudden, of course, subtly introducing it into conversations.

Step 7: Stay with her 

At this point, you will both be mutually interested , and both of you will know, so the step that remains to be taken is to stay to take something or something else that interests both of you and where you can have a good time.

Stay with her

I do not recommend the use of gifts, or anything out of the ordinary. On more than one occasion, these things scare more than doing good to the objective. Be natural , go to the appointment and behave calmly, do not try to make the appointment something supernatural … After all, she is already interested in you. 

So, These were some advices turned into steps by us you should absolutely give try, in order to get your loving one.